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Our Pledge to Protect Patient Safety

We know that keeping you safe is just as important as helping you save money. But concerns over safety prevent a large percentage of Americans from accessing more affordable prescription drugs. At Canada Med Stop, we operate under clear guidelines that address our customer’s potential safety concerns.

How we safeguard you

Giving out personal information is scary, especially online. Just like your doctor’s office and local pharmacy, we have strict policies in place to keep your personal details safe both online and at our facilities.


Our website uses 128-bit SSL encryption. For those who don’t speak tech, this means your information is unreadable by anyone who isn’t authorized to do so.

We offer a Norton™ Shopping Guarantee that includes $10,000 identity theft protection, $1000 purchase guarantee.



Trained staff members only access your information when it’s necessary to complete an order, verify medical history, or assist you on our customer service line.

Your personal details stay within our organization. We don’t sell or trade your information to third parties, and won’t discuss your account with anyone other than you, your doctor, or an authorized family representative.


In Transit

All packages are protected against loss or damage. If your order get lost somewhere along the way or arrives in poor condition, we’ll send a reshipment free of charge.



Canada Med Stop is a proud member of the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) and the International Pharmacy Association of British Columbia (IPABC). Both organizations require members to maintain high standards of practice and strict safety protocols.

Your Information is Safe

128-bit SSL Encryption, along with the Norton™ Shopping Guarantee, will keep your information safe
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Medication Safety

A frequently voiced concern is that drugs purchased online aren’t safe. That's a common misconception. Here’s how we ensure the medications we send you are in step with our perfect safety record:
  • All drugs are sourced from licensed pharmacies and fulfillment centers approved by the regulatory bodies in the countries where they operate.
  • We inspect all partnering pharmacies and fulfillment centers, and their policies are reviewed by a lawyer, pharmacist and/or doctor specialized in online pharmacies.
Medication Safety
Patient Safety

Patient Safety

Providing safe medications is an essential part of our service, but it’s only one part of how we protect our patients. Other measures in place include:
  • Strict prescription verification protocols ensure our patients are being actively monitored by a physician. All orders for prescription drugs must be accompanied by a valid prescription from a physician, which is then verified by a member of our staff. We don’t fill orders for expired prescriptions and won’t increase a dosage or quantity without a new prescription.
  • All of our patients provide a detailed medical history. To look for potential drug interactions, this information is reviewed before any new prescriptions are shipped.
  • Every prescription is reviewed by a licensed pharmacist. If they have questions or concerns, we contact the prescribing physician before filling the order.

Patient Counselling

Access to a pharmacist is an important part of prescription drug therapy. While helping you avoid the high prices at local pharmacies, we preserve the patient-pharmacist connection:
  • Patients are entitled to free counselling with a licensed pharmacist when available. From potential side effects to timing multiple medications, we make sure our customers have a clear understanding of their prescriptions.
  • Customer support staff are available 7 days a week to help connect patients with a pharmacist. With representatives available by phone and email, we make it as easy as possible to get in touch with questions or concerns about medication.
  • All order are shipped with an information leaflet in English (if applicable)

If you’re still not sure about placing an order, feel free to contact us by phone or email. We want to take the stress out of buying prescription drugs, not only by saving you money, but by offering peace of mind.

Patient Counselling
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