There are many types of prescription medications on the market, and we know that it can be difficult to filter out the ones that aren’t right for you. This is why we have provided specific drug articles, so you have access to reputable information and research. Read about common medications like Eliquis, Xarelto, Viagra, Cialis, and many more. Whether you are looking for antibiotics, antidepressants, sexual dysfunction drugs, or anticoagulants, we have an article for you. Read this blog section to understand each drug’s side effects, uses, and benefits. So, your doctor has given you a prescription. What if you want to know more about the medication you’ve been prescribed? We do encourage you voice your concerns to your primary healthcare provider, but we have the educational resources you need to better understand any drug. Read our Medications blog section to learn more about common side effects, uses, and benefits of drugs like Viagra, Xarelto, and Eliquis. We discuss many types of medications, from antidepressants and antibiotics to anticoagulants and antivirals.

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